We would recommend WeatherMAX 80, the details of which can be found below. We have the Elite ‘Lite’ and the Elite ‘Premium’, which are 2 front windows as standard. The lite version is very similar to what you are currently used to seeing. The Premium has the following detail:


*Double re-enforced base of the window panel, which covers the base of the window.

*Double re-enforcement to the pocket end patches.

*Binding to cover all zips.

*Twin ply wings that sandwich a layer of Dacron.

*Double layer of webbings for additional wing tension.


Leather aft grab patch
Zip down central window
3:1 Tensioning System Cover
3:1 Tensioning System
Fixed side handrails
Mesh storage pockets
Folding Side Handrails
Folding Side Handrails
O’sea 30 Gauge laminated window NB. Sprayhood should not be folded down and rolled when wintering.
Zip on sprayhood back drop with windows and central roll up panel